Charge-Coupled Analog Computer Elements

and Their Application to Smart Image Sensors


Eric R. Fossum, 1984  Yale University, New Haven, CT  USA


Preface, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Introduction

Chapter 2        Charge Coupled Computing

                                    Focal Plane Image Processing

                                    Charge Coupled Computer Architecture

                                    CCD Background

Chapter 3        Fabrication of Prototype Circuits

                                    Sub Micron Gap

                                    Dark Current Reduction

                                    Fabrication Process

Chapter 4        MTOS Charge Packet Threshold Detector

                                    MTOS Device Physics

                                    Layout and Fabrication

                                    Threshold Detector Experiment

                                    Steady State Injection Experiment

                                    Pulse Controlled Switching

Chapter 5        Charge Packet Differencer Circuit


                                    Layout and Fabrication

                                    Experimental Results


Chapter 6        Summary and Conclusions and Appendices

Appendix A    Symbols and Abbreviations

Appendix B    Zero Current Approximation

Appendix C    Hot Tunneling Electron Induced Impact Ionization

Appendix D    Charge Packet Output Sense Amplifier

Appendix E     Instrumentation