Some Articles of Interest

























·         Visit to Camp Invention, Dover 2014 (pdf and website)


·         Visit to Univ. West Indies, Trinidad Nov 2014  Trinidad Guardian


·         “The Inventor’s Eye” Dartmouth Engineer 2015 (pdf and website)


·         Camp Invention Effingham 2015 Governor Hassan visit plus EF article (pdf)


·         “Seeing the Light ... and Measuring It” Dartmouth Now Oct 2015 (webpage)


·         “Image sensor research now underway promises to overhaul low-light photography — eventually” The Next Web (website)


·         “Madden and Fossum to Head Research, Tech Transfer Efforts” Dartmouth Now Dec 2016 (webpage)


·         NASA Spinoff 2017 Three articles talking about the impact of CMOS image sensors (pdf)